Solution for Night Vision problems on Vandal Domes

Solution for Night Vision problems on Vandal Domes

Are you having issues with the nightvision on your vandal dome? (usually a camera with a polycarbonate plastic cover dome on top)

This is a common problem and there are generally 2 causes which you can solve using our solution below:

1. Dirty Dome Cover

The first cause is rain and debri which settles on the dome cover over time. When the camera is fitted next to trees, it is common for the dome cover to gather dust and sap from the trees over time which can build up a problem for your nightvision.

Here's an example of the type of picture which you may see over time

A simple solution to this is using a Rain-x seal on your dome camera on fitting. Click here to buy from Amazon

Rain-x improves visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow by creating an invisible hydrophobic coating. Raindrops can then fall off rather than settle on your dome cover.

2. Foam on lens issue

The second issue is when the foam on the lens is not sitting close enough to the Dome cover. This leads to a problem known as IR bleed. Where the infra-red bypasses the foam and creates a fog effect on the picture.

A general rule for Vandal Domes is only use them in

high risk areas- where the camera is likely to be 

tampered with. E.g. Nightclub or very low heights 

where the camera can be reached by hand. This is 

because the vandal design cover protects any attempt

at manipulating or moving the camera face by hand. 

You will find that some of the other cameras such as the Turret cameras DO NOT have the problem shown above because they use a double glass design (lens essentially sits outside the IR layer) so only use the vandal dome where it needs to be used to prevent the above issues!

As always, please contact our team of experts if you have any further queries or click here to send us a query about your problem

6th Nov 2018 CCTVDEPOT

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